september 12, 2011 | go little logo, go!!! over on our identity page you can read more about
Action America, an amazing non-profit/project that's now officially off and running... yesterday
being the pretty hard-to-fathom TENTH anniversary of 9/11, the soon-to-be unstoppable inspiration
of Action America spread like wildfire! lots and lots of people took up the call to action and came
out in support across the web. some of the bigger names we saw shouting out on twitter below!
we're so psyched to have given this amazing project a mark, and so so proud of how it turned out.

august 31, 2011 | must post something before my post date says SEPTEMBER holy HELL we've neglected our blog for a while here!!! well what can we report... Ken managed to sneak away on vacation to two baseball games -- in Pittsburgh and Cincinnati -- and get some quality exploring, eating, and drinking done in Louisville and Nashville as well.

Liz managed to get away with her whole family to Cape Cod for a week in a once-in-NEVER opportunity that she can remember in her adult lifetime anyway...

and all in the midst of some CRAZY projects and hectic nights and serious zero-to-hero moments as far as some of our clients are concerned anyway... but that may be a blog story for the fall!

july 13, 2011 | criterion collection harry potter?!? okay, it's not real. just imagined. and ken WILL throw something
sharp at my capable-of-posting-and-typing things fingers when he discovers i geeked out and posted on HP. but come
on! it's the end!!! and i AM geeking. i can't help it. anyways, ignore if you're not a fan. but if you are, how beautiful is
this patronus stag? and the hallows design?? check out the other fake designs over at

june 13, 2011 | well, heLLO there CSA! it's officially summer. i know that because Glynwood, the most beautiful farm
in america : ) has opened up its little CSA shack... in the fields out back by the chicken coop. the pick-ups have started, and with one of these early green shares, ken and i had a lunchtime cooking session!

what we have here is "scapes and steaks" salad: fresh spring garlic scapes and shallots made quite the bed for an unbelievable 30-day aged new york strip from grand central market.... all served over crisp spinach and speckled lettuce with big chunks of tomato and crumbled blue cheese. so so so delicious.

june 8, 2011 | the art of creative, aggressive invoicing. a little backstory: many moons ago, from the deep
dark depths of my agency job, i was in charge of bringing on a freelancer for a crucial, very specific type of
project that OF COURSE everyone and their mother approved (agency royalty love to say "just get it done!")
... until the bill came. when OF COURSE no one from any department, of any title, at any office, in an entire
global network would agree to pay for it.

flash forward to 3 weeks ago when ken & i hired said freelancer to work on a little project of our own.

luckily he's a good friend of ken's and didn't seem to bear me any ill will for the old incident (i did hear he
was finally paid, over a YEAR later), although i did laugh myself silly when the invoice(s) came.
touche, mr. dresser. touche.

may 11, 2011 | actually took this last week on rabe & co's ONE YEAR anniversary! a little gift for ken to remind
him that he is, in fact, the eye of the tiger. thanks, neighborhood studio! your posters rule! ken was shaking and
kinda choked up a little bit, and we've been listening to the song ever since. One year: check! Anthem song: check.

april 19, 2011 | t-shirt store launched!!! go get your I FART NY shirt today... and stay tuned for official rabe & co tees, and maybe some WTFBP and others... woo hoo!

april 6, 2011 | kids say the darndest-ly awesomest things EVER.
great old (like 20 years ago old) spot for Trigon Insurance, whatever that is.

march 29, 2011 | SWEET DESIGN

BEAUTIFUL. underconsideration picked up this awesome project our friends chip & rich have had in the
works for a few years now:

to pick up from their post: Public School 9 (PS9) and Middle School 571 (MS571) in the Prospect Heights neighborhood of Brooklyn recently opened the doors to their new library (where there was none before) after being spearheaded by parents of the school’s kids. They nicknamed the library the Book Hive, with the furniture inspired by bee hives with cute reading benches in hexagon shapes. Brooklyn-based The Rich Greco created the identity for the library. When the Book Hive opened in November of last year, the school had no budget for a librarian so it remained closed and to add insult to injury the New York City Department of Education is planning to close MS571 and place a charter school in their place. So, for the kids, here is a pretty identity (where there was none before).

congrats, friends! so awesome and so, so well done.

march 15, 2011 | open projects abound.

our "hello" email address has been getting some fantastic design requests lately. we haven't been able to get to
these ourselves, so in the vein of our friends over at Victors & Spoils, we open up the following to any of you
young designers out there who'd like to take a crack at possibly some interesting work:


My name is Schlomo and I'm looking for someone to make some graphic designs for the side of my van. What kind of fonts do you guys have there? Are they good font types? I have some font lettering on my pc and can download more
from online if you don't have the right looking ones that I am currently looking for. As I said before, this would be for my van. How much is this going to cost me? How soon can you make up these designs of the fonts that I asked for earlier?

Thanks a lot,


dear rabe and co,

i am looking for a website for my pet honey badger. he's featured in this video. please send me a quote as soon as possible.

amanda hugginkiss


february 22, 2011 | "client bear" hahhahaahaaa... thanks for sending, rich.

february 10, 2011 | udrop in the WSJ. awww yeah. big article about smartphone case culture and competition
in the wall street journal today. udrop product featured, and a nice quote from liz's brother alex! click the image
below to read the full article.

february 9, 2011 | liz went to south america and fell in love with the buses. apparently her friends made fun
of her for running around "hunting" them when there was the entire city of buenos aires to see and take pictures
of. but hey. they ARE freakin' beautiful. nice work, lady.

january 31, 2011 | sometimes you get to blog about getting blogged. got some press recently for our biz cards
over at and then again just the other day at we were also invited to join dribbble,
a site we hadn't spent much time on before, but now are huge fans of! definitely a great place for checking out really strong work going on out there. thanks dribbble team! and thanks internet at large. we're really loving you, too.

january 11, 2011 | upstate/downstate/goodburger/bareburger

so last week, ken came to beacon in a snowstorm. he shot this ghostly video on the way up. we ate AWESOME
burgers at poppy's in beacon, which is highly worth checking out if you ever find yourself upstate in a snowstorm
or otherwise. any day will do.

this week, in anticipation of another big dump, we took advantage of the streets being clear in astoria and walked
down to bareburger, which... come ON!!!! this place was amaaaaaaazing. i had a bison burger with creamy havarti
and pineapple and spicy mayo. that may sound gross to you but NOT TO ME!!!!! it was so so so so so so so so so
so so so so so good.

(bareburger on 31st avenue | astoria, queens)

january 5, 2011 | HAAAAAAAAAAPPY NEW YEEEEAR! we don't really have much to report. just updating
the site, sendin' out love, and wanting to write 2-0-1-1.

(photo courtesy of uncle phil weinrobe)

december 15, 2010 | just a couple little holiday notes, ready to go out. if you don't receive one in the mail, the one
pictured here to the right... well.... that's for you. hope you're all well and warm out there, and hope everyone's plate
is clearing up for them to clear out and spend good, well-deserved times with friends and family.

december 9, 2010 | warm, fuzzy, adorable, incredible. totally random, normal friday. totally regular, normal meeting
with a vendor. our awesome new print & packaging vendor, right down the street from us out here in queens, actually, xweet! and not only are they totally awesome, but so is the building. great big old factory building with a lot of great history, and not a lot of lame/overkill restoration. just good old raw industrial space.

sooooo we stop by the management office, you know -- just curious about open offices, rents, etc. next thing we know, we're on a tour and poking around other tenant's workspaces. one of which just HAPPENS to be... and remember, this
is a mere 4 blocks from ken's apartment... JIM HENSON'S CREATURE SHOP!!! and it wasn't just a pop-in and wave in awe from the doorway at... yep, that's right, snuffleupagus and big bird... we got a FULL TOUR! this incredibly friendly, muppet-like, smiling, lovely creature-shop veteran named jason seck showed took us around the whole shop. drawers
full of googly eyes! how one climbs inside snuffy! big bird's feathers! dark crystal relics!

i teared up. my jaw hurt from dropping. then my cheeks hurt from smiling. go see the pics over on our flickr page!

december 6, 2010 | French Paper shout out. our biz cards made the French Paper Sample showcase! click on the image below to see it over on their site.

november 4, 2010 | wellllllllllllll it's been a little while since we've posted anything here on the rabe + co blog, but hey. we've been busy! which is great! so busy in fact, that someone's been stopping by to help us keep this boat afloat! we're excited and proud to introduce you to our old young friend, NYCFarts co-creator, and first freelancer ever: the rich greco!

october 19, 2010 | WE MEAN BUSINESS. cards, that is! our first cards ever just came in, hot off the letterpress.
we love them. and can't wait to leave them into your outstretched / high-fiving hands. thanks to lynne/fiddlesticks
once again for so totally ruling another project for us!

october 14, 2010 | BOMBS AWAY!!! the fartify app went live today on iTunes! ken got the news first and said
he "hopped. twice." rich greco, our fartner in crime co-creator, has only managed to get out a "MADONNA MIA"
on IM and has since got silent. but he's still deadly. we're so excited! go get it! go, go, go get farted!!!!!

october 12, 2010 | the week just got slammo. ken and i are orderin' "workey burgers."

october 5, 2010 | what fritz wishes for ken to do in LA, where he will be instead of attending fritz's wedding:
an amazing list we just thought should be shared.

Enjoy the weather.
Sit in the Sun.
Take Surf Lessons.
Get a tan.
Eat tacos.
Wear Pleated Chino shorts.
Go to the Farmers market.
Buy a star map.
Stalk a B-lister.
Join a new-age religion.
Go to a Pool Party.
Learn Spanish.
Rent some VHS tapes.
Change your last name to "Powers".
Get a tattoo on Melrose.
Get paid.
Design some Logos.

september 18, 2010 | folk music and monster trucks. yes! check out this awesome kid with our poster from the beacon theatre fundraiser on saturday! so great. stay tuned for some footage of pete seeger breaking my heart, too. it was really
a special sight -- he wore his signature winter pom-pom cap and had us all singing along.

and take a second to peep some of ken's beautiful pics from his saturday night, spent at the drag races with his nieces and nephews at raceway park in englishtown, NJ. getting back to the office this morning, we agreed that our own personal bizarre continuum of awesomeness definitely includes both pete seeger and monster trucks. on fire. doing donuts.

september 10, 2010 | ken starting geekin' out on this giant antique show recently and so finally i said well let's just GO to it, bro! and so we did. and it. was. awesome! we left super early from upstate and drove through connecticut to brimfield, mass where instantly everyone was like "paaak yer caaar he-ya!" and there was a beautiful old church and food stalls with turkey legs and apple cider donuts. brimfield is apparently the largest outdoor antique show in the world, or so claims their website. and while we only left with some 45s for liz's jukebox and van halen vinyls and old gas station numbers for ken, we spent the first really cool day in the northeast appropriately wandering acres and acres of antiques in new england.

september 1, 2010 | holy hell! what happened to august? well, i'll tell you. we finished up about 4 projects and landed
4 new ones. like this one day when we reached out to the rad folks upstate in beacon, NY (where liz lives and where
ken was born) who just bought the old beacon theatre on main street... and we're so psyched to announce we'll be helping them out with all things design -- from the logo and marquee to t-shirts. so so exciting! so yes. thanks to all
our clients, new and old, for keepin' us truckin' this summer!

in other news, ken went to chicago and milwaukee for the first time ever and fell in love with... hmm, let's see: tacos for breakfast, the rainbo room, midwestern post-industrial neglect and restoration in general, and baseball (all over again). and dan auerbach (who ken saw on the street and all over again'd all over himself). liz trekked off to the cape with old friends for some oysters and narragansett (possibly our favorite beer design/packaging ever), and headed back to the
west coast, not for business this time, but for a wedding. in tahoe. wow.

so anyway, while we can proudly say we kept the work not only alive, but killin,' we also managed to take part in the northeast's notorious migration OUT of the city during august. thank you august! you were good to us. for some travel
pics, head over to our flickr page.

but in memory of amazing time off, and an awesome summer at large, we give you the video below, made by our good friend rich greco. feel free to steal and use for your own OOO messages next summer. for now, bring on the fall.

july 27, 2010 | ta-ra-ra-ra! rabe & company goes global. anyone familiar with if so, please send word and possibly a translation or two. they linked to us recently. we're not sure why or what they had to say exactly but.... arigato?

july 21, 2010 | the visual display of quantitative information has always been something ken and i particularly adore.
and on that note, i was so excited to learn this morning who nicholas feltron is! i see his work in new york magazine and other publications all the time and i guess just didn't put it together... until ken told me to check out his site this morning.
so beautiful. and informative! see for yourself: enter the world of feltron.

july 13, 2010 | exactly how we feel (whenever we get an awesome new project.)

july 1, 2010 | featured on FPO! check it out... FPO was nice enough to highlight our work... Bryan and Christina's wedding invites get the top of the page today on this awesome print & production blog.

june 28, 2010 | world cup and birds up monday. i love new york city during the world cup. from a big TV
they've set up right at the clock station booth in grand central to the streets of astoria, you could close your
eyes and experience the games just on sounds alone. i swear ken and i have been able to hear the crowd
at Basurero on Steinway from his place on 41st. anyway, at this point i think i'm pulling for Ghana.
and Argentina. and Brazil, too, of course.... damnit. can i be rooting for both?

also i'd like to share this lovely photo of ken, the "presidente" of rabe & co., after a particularly draining monday
on the streets of soho, where i forced us to take the afternoon off, watch world cup, and do some boutique
shopping. guys take note: menswear is half off (i honestly think the girl said "indefinitely") at built by wendy!

june 16, 2010 | teen witch: top that! please tell me someone out there remembers this as well as i do?
i was obsessed with this movie. ken is now obsessed with this song. but even after all these years,
we both got stomach cramps while watching it. amazing.

june 3, 2010 | now showing over at flickr.... lovely, forlorn collages from
over the years by ken rabe.

june 2, 2010 | what? really?? ken saw this ad the other day, but thanks to our
friend ben for sending a pic. and for his excellent questions: "worst copywriting
ever? did a golden retriever write it?"

june 1, 2010 | pics & patterns from the midwest! head over to our flickr page
to see pics from liz's memorial day trip to chicago.

may 12, 2010 | we did it! we're incorporated. even though we're gonna
do business as ("DBA", thanks elfe!) "Rabe & Co." we opened the biz account
and everything. checks may be made payable to Rabe, Inc., thanks so much.
any checks. we're accepting donations.

may 10, 2010 | okay yes this is a few years old. but we love aaron draplin.